Fresh out of the Studio. Give it a listen!

September 29, 2011

Welcome to my brand new website!

Thanks for stopping by the new site. While you’re here just take a seat and have a look around. Get a sneak preview of my new album and find out when I will be in your town. Most of all, just enjoy yourself and feel free to comment on my music and share with your friends!

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  • Jason

    It’s been great working with you and I hope you enjoy your new site. Good luck on tour this year…even though you probably won’t need it.

  • http://Website Whitney

    I saw you last night at at the trade center in Dalton. I loved the show.

  • Christine

    great music Adam. The concert was great in columbus last night. I was just practicing your Love is a Movement song. I almost figured it out. Now I will Memorize the words tomorrow and then walla! I am enjoying it so much.

  • http://Website D. Carina Potts

    Hello, I saw you in Greensburgh PA Oct.8 loved your music and purchased a cd since you were all out I gave my address. For you to send me one I was wondering when you will be sending then Thanks,Carina

  • http://Website Payge

    I love you!! ;)

  • http://Website Stephanie

    Thanks so much for your music! It’s really encouraging, and I thank God for artists like you. When are you and Jeremy going to come to Rhode Island?

  • http://Website Daisy

    Last Night Was Awesome. I Loved The Slappacappas And The T-Shirts. I Already Hung All My Posters I Got.And I Have Been Listening To Your CD Nonstop Since I Got It. Thanks Again. Your Awesome.And I’m Looking Foward To Buy Your New Album! (: God Bless You AndHope God Keeps Using In Marvelous Ways! (:

  • {Grace}


  • http://Website MIchelle

    Saw you in concern in Roswell and had a wonderful night. I loved your music, great voice and powerful lyrics. Keep it going and you will go far!! Thank you for spreading the word of God in such a wonderful way.

  • Grace

    love the video!

  • {Grace}

    Hi. I took this awesome picture of you at the concert in Portland, I was wondering if you would look at it. Link: Please please look at it!!!

  • http://Website Cindy

    The video was so funny. Lve the slappACappa! Got mine in neon orange…

  • http://Website Perla

    Adam. oh my goodness! I went to see Jeremy Camp on November 17th at the Mcallen Convention Center with my heart set on ONLY HIM! but i left with my heart torn in two, between You, and him.You are very inspirational, and you have a lovely voice! As my brother in Christ I pray that the Lord blesses you with plenty of smiles, and laughter, and that if there ever is a time when you stumble on this road may you get back up with ease. I love your single “rescue me” its beautiful just like you! <3

  • http://Website Jess

    Enjoyed the concert at the McAllen Convention Center, TX. It was my first Christian concert, and let me say…it was Holy Spirit filled! Thanks for your obedience to our Lord :o) Keep it up! I purchased your CD and look forward to downloading the rest of your CD when it comes out :o) God Bless.

  • http://Website Joseph

    Heyy just wanted to say that I hope God blesses you and that God has got somtehing instore for you
    so keep persevering and be faithful
    oh and the music is brlliant I’m writing music aswell and its good to see someone else writting and singing for God
    but dont get too big headed because remember its all about Him
    God bless

  • Jlgtruckingllc

    I love u adam cappa ur the best singer

  • Emily

    I just heared you on the Message for the second time tonight!!!

  • Jamespvadas

    Hi Adam, We at Lazarus Lounge want to thank you again for your awe inspiring performance at the {1st Annual Christian Music Artist Ball & Jam} 0n Sept. 18 2010. We hope to have you back again someday either in the Coffee lounge or at the yearly 2 day outdoor extravaganza. There are 7 of our staff coming to your Valparaiso concert this Saturday the 25th. We hope we can catch up with you to autogragh some posters & guitars to present to our main sponsors from that first Bal & Jam. Blessings and Peace, Jim Vadas The Lazarus Lounge Coordinator / Zion United Church of Christ President in Dyer, Indiana

  • Jim Vadas

    SEE YOU SATURDAY !!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    God Bless You. I just saw you tonight in Naperville, IL you were great! I’m also glad I got to meet you and get a poster! Your music inspires me and I want to be a christian singer too! Thinking about singing a Christian song for my school talent show…Think it’ll be a win win? ♥

  • Pat

    I’ll be at your concert Friday night…can’t wait to see you in person.
    God bless you. I love your voice.

  • Rachel

    Adam, saw you in Jacksonville. Your voice was so good. I got your cd for myself and one to pass along…Praying you have much success with your music and spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ!!!!! And you have the cutest baby face (lol)!! Being a baby face myself I understand. May God continue to bless you and protect you.

  • Rourke87

    The Rourke’s are coming to the concert in Ft. Wayne on 5/5. Can’t wait to witness your ministry first hand. Still praying for you Adam! Susan

  • Brentlough

    adam, i saw that concert at cape first, and you were awesome! i never got a chance to talk to anyone though because i had to leave right after the encore. i wanted to say thankyou, because your music, along with that of all other artists that play on air1, saved my life, litterally. thankyou

  • Lisa

    Thank you so much for your music! We just saw you in Tifton, GA. What an amazing experience! I think even the rain made it that much more memorable. This was our daughter’s first concert (she’s 11 years old). What a blessing to be able to stand right in the front row!! I’ve got to tell you, she was so uplifted by the entire concert. I have never seen her praising God in the way she did that night.
    Your CD has been all she’s listened to since Saturday :) Thank you for signing her CD, poster, and taking a picture with her…you definately made that night one she will never forget. Thank you and God Bless you.

  • Chastity Venable Parks

    Love the song and look forward to seeing what the Lord has planned for you! Thanks for helping the girls out in May in Indy! Looking forward to seeing you live!

  • Angeleyes_38134

    Sounds Great! My you be blessed 1Hundredfold! Can’t wait to see you in Memphis, Tn!

  • Emiy

    you were so awsome you also set a great example for me and every one else never stop!!!

    PS: steve’s daughter

  • Emiy

    you were so awsome you also set a great example for me and every one else never stop!!!

    PS: steve’s daughter

  • j rob

    can i have you e mail please

  • James Stuart

    You are very gifted & talented and my entire family has really grown to love all of your music. That in itself is an accomplishment. Keep up the great work in spreading the word and serving our Lord!

  • Wendy Lobdell

    Thanks for coming to Polson, Montana. It was a treat to have such amazing artists in our area!

  • Sheri Short

    Well, I am listening to your CD … finally. Crazy week after returning from Costa Rica. I’m your airport “Soles4Souls” sister. Adam, you have an amazing voice, great range, and so much talent. But, my first impression was how centered in the Spirit you seemed. His light was so evident in you.
    I am praying our paths will cross soon. I am a college professor and I want a revival on this campus. Have been talking about it with my church for over a year. Having lunch with the pastor today and hoping to stir it up again. Don’t know what will come of it but I do believe our “not coincidental” meeting in Costa Rica holds promise for more opportunities to spread the love of our precious Jesus. God’s speed my friend.

  • Mbr

    Hi Adam,
    I just saw the concert in Walla Walla tonight. I really loved it! I dont know if you would remember me but i am the one who had a picture of you ad me together at the we cry out tour in tri cities. Then you signed my ticket from that concert and put your name in right next to Jeremy Camp’s. I saw some people I knew that didnt believe in God stop by and listen to your concert. I hope they actually listened to the words you were singing.
    Thanks :) and come back to Walla Walla soon!

  • Karissa

    < 33333

  • Sarah and Rhiannon

    My friend and I went to see you in Fairview, MI last night at our school(: <3
    You were amazing!! I had listened to some of your music before, but when I heard you at the concert, the words of the song How Worthy really spoke to me. Your music is awesome, and by the way, my sister was the one who was always asking your band questions and had the santa shirt on. You signed the the white part of my shirt because the marker would not have shown up.
    P.S We are your friends in real life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) <333 :0

  • Rhiannon or Sarah

    Went to school last night and saw your concert. (Forgot I was at school, too…) My friends and I had so much fun!! Your voice is incredible, and your lyrics are touching and inspiring. <33
    You made our friend Drew cry your message was so deep. Later, he told me that he felt like a jerk for not acting like a child of the Lord for so long. Our friend Logan was the crazy one that kept high-fiving you.
    I was in the front row, next to Logan (Sarah wants me to say that she was in the front row too…) Anyways, I love your music and your messages. Keep on being awesome…
    –We are your friends in real life!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) <33

  • Brookereeder0

    do you have a fan mail address because im writing a letter to you for school and a lot of my grade depends on this? thx

  • Brookereeder0

    what is your fan mail address?

  • shanda

    thank you so much for your word in god and ur heart and voice. Keeps it up god bless